DJ Jalil Z

  • Date:20 - May - 2017
  • Time:11:30

DJ Jalil Z is from the city of Casablanca, Morocco and moved to New York at the age of 19. He entertained at many house parties and always wanted to play in the house music scene, but he didn’t start putting those dreams until later when he debuted his DJ skills at G Lounge (NY). Currently living in Miami, FL, he played and brought the house down at Club XL, Cameo, Parliament House, The Manor, Xion, Score, Beatbox, Liquid Tampa, Living Room, Club Vinyl, Palace Bar, Mova, Discotekka and many more.

The last few years he resided or participated in events Winter Party Festival, White Party, Gay Days, Caos, Bigger Saturdays, URGE, Climax, Kingdom, Verbe, Inferno Puerto, Rico, and Pride events.

DJ Jalil’s set begins at 11.30pm
Late nite party til 5am

Lights by Nick Mansuri